A blue drum, 5-gallon bucket and small pain with hazardous material labels


Material: White Drum Material
Inks: 2 standard outdoor inks; add’l colors available
Varnished: Special Varnish
FInished: In rolls or fan-folded

Our experts help you meet GHS requirements.

Hazardous communications on drums, pails and cans require durable, oversized labels that meet specific GHS (Globally Harmonized System) requirements for overseas shipments—the right symbols, the right words, and the right material.

It’s very complicated.

Choose a printer who is approved to pre-print your GHS labels. Pricing below applies to GHS approved labels with 2 standard ink colors. Drum labels are printed with ultra non-fade inks and a special varnish for durability.

Thousands of sizes to choose from. Call 1-888-626-2600 for a quote or click below for our online form.

Grouping of three drum and bucket labels