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Caricature of Mike WolfMike Wolf
Email: mike@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x116)
Cell: 502.214.0412

Jenny Johnson Wolf
Email: jenny@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x111)
Cell: 502.214.0429

Susan Clark caricatureSusan Clark
National Sales
Email: susan@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x118)
Cell: 812.987.7724

Reggie Terrell caricatureReggie Terrell
Custom Quotes
Email: reggie@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x112)

Ben Teague caricatureBen Teague
Customer Service
Email: ben@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x119)

Jennifer Barnes caricatureJennifer L. Barnes
Label Expert
Email: jenniferb@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x114)

Jennifer Pierce caricatureJennifer Pierce
Art Department Lead
Email: art@labelsp.com
Phone: 502.261.9000 (x115)


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