Big Buyers Get Big Savings and Service.

Sell more than $100,000 annually in Label Specialties labels and you’ll be eligible for a number of exclusive VIP services.

  • Warehousing:  We’ll hold a minimum/maximum inventory of your labels in our warehouse.
  • Onsite label consultation:  Let us visit your clients with you. Our largest customers trust us to visit their clients on their behalf.
  • Press proofs:  Receive free press proofs, not just PDF proofs, on your important jobs.
  • Blanket pricing:  Your price will be based on your annual volume.
  • Part number management:  Order by your part number. We’ll keep an inventory of your part numbers, and we can alert you when inventory is getting low.
  • Freight shopping:  We’ll find the best possible freight rate. We’ve saved customers more than $1,000 on a single label shipment.

That’s service…super-sized.

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