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We make the impossible, possible. When a standard product won’t work, Label Specialties will develop a label solution to solve even the toughest client challenge. Label printing isn’t simple. In fact, sometimes it’s downright complicated.

We listen to client challenges like these:

  • “I can’t find a label to stick with all of that grease.”
  • “I need a label that sticks on the edges but not in the middle.”
  • “Is there any way to make a label fit right there, around those two hinges, permanently?”

And then we develop a solution that works. At Label Specialties, our favorite jobs are the complex ones.

Call us with your toughest label challenge.

Our print distributors love bringing their toughest client challenges to us. Why? Because we make them look like geniuses! When you choose Label Specialties, you don’t just get a printer. You get a knowledgeable label partner.

We know labels better than just about any one. We can help you select the right material and adhesive to ensure your label sticks. We’ll even work with you to test multiple solutions to find the best, most cost effective one.

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Bottles and cans with beautiful labels


This onion tale might bring tears to your eyes.

Onion packaging is more complicated than it first appears. Of course, there’s the requisite plastic mesh bag, but it’s the tag attached to that bag that we find so fascinating.

The front of each onion tag must fulfill some basic duties: it needs to clearly display the brand name of the onion producer and the weight of the package. These requirements are pretty standard for a tag.

It’s on the back—”the back of the tag”—where the magic happens. Each package of onions needs to be traceable directly back to its source. So each beautiful, branded, flexo-printed onion tag had to be individually printed with a unique tracking code.

The Challenge:

A label distributor came to us with a challenge: save money on each onion tag and figure out how every package of onions can carry that unique code without one side of the tag bleeding onto the other.

And we did.

At Label Specialties, we figured out how to print these two-sided tags on a flexo press—saving more than 20 percent in material costs for each tag. Then we faced the tracking code challenge. We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we managed to marry multiple materials with some pretty special adhesives and inks. We visited several onion packaging plants and watched how the current (more expensive) tags were being coded and applied. Then we figured out how to duplicate the process with our new, cheaper tags.

The end results of these efforts can be found in grocery stores throughout the United States. Every time we see a package of onions with a Label Specialties tag attached, it brings tears to our eyes.

If we can make onion tags magical, think what we can do to solve your toughest label challenge.

Photo of onions with produce tag