Reseller Accounts

Label Specialties is a wholesale supplier to print distributors and label resellers.

Please be advised, for new customers, we will need a credit card on file before we ship your first order. We take Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We do not charge your card until your order ships.

We will mail samples with your invoice.

For your safety, please do not email credit card information to us! We want to keep your information safe.

Once the order is shipped, we’ll process a second charge or credit for overs or unders plus shipping. Samples are mailed with the invoice.

For return customers who have gone through our credit application process, we’re happy to set up a net 30-day pay schedule. Just ask one of our customer service representatives to send you an application.

Please note that if your account becomes past due, we will ask that you go back to new account terms.

Resale Certificates:

We are required to have a signed resale certificate on file.